Alina Sokolova (Ukraine, lives and works in Austria)

Studied at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia

since 2015 at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria

Alina Sokolova is a Ukrainian artist transferring from one art form and medium to another, trying to research and question different issues and phenomena. Upon reviewing her artistic work, she shows great sensitivity of forming critical narratives through personal details. Combining three different media: social sculpture, photography, performance – her artworks take a critical view on social, global and cultural issues, but from other point they deeply resonate with every day issues and reflect on human nature. The focus of her work is human role in a society, in class range, in process of migration, relationship between introverted subtle matter to material global configuration, personal intimate soul issues and theory of choice. Cultural superstitions in contemporary world is one of her greatest subject of interest.

In a way the vibrancy of each project resonates with one another. She opens an immense variety of options to implement and indicates a key to philosophical and conceptual dimension, prompting us to put attention to the important highlighted issues or stories.


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